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    Tetanus Booster

    Tetanus Booster
    Tetanus vaccine certificate is an effective way to provide proof of immunity when seeking employment or applying to a school. A tetanus booster is normally taken after 10 years of the initial vaccination.

    Why is this important?

    • It protects you and helps you maintain a healthy state of living
    • A tetanus booster provides proof of immunity, which could set you aside from your competitors for the same role.
    • It creates trust among co-workers, especially when it is a work-place requirement.

    Who can take a Tetanus Booster?

    Anyone who has had an initial Tetanus vaccine 10 years earlier can schedule an appointment for a booster dose of Tetanus.

    However, individuals who are chronically ill, have immune deficiency states, or advanced in age will need to consult their primary care physician to ascertain if it is safe for them.

    Preparing for your Appointment

    On your appointment day, ensure you follow the instructions you have been given. It is advisable to visit 15 minutes early for your appointment to take care of any paperwork. When it’s your time, the staff will call you, and you will have your blood is drawn or a shot given. Your result will be ready within 72 hours with or without a follow-up visit, depending on the method you choose.

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