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    Hepatitis B Titers

    Hepatitis B Titers
    The antibody titers of Hepatitis B help to confirm an active immunity state for an individual. This measurement guarantees proof of immunity against the Hepatitis B virus, which attacks and causes liver inflammation.

    When to check for Hepatitis B titers?

    You can check for the level of antibody titers for Hepatitis B virus if:
    • You need a proof of immunity after a previous vaccination
    • Your doctor wants to ensure you have enough antibodies after three-course of vaccines
    • Your employee requests your vaccination status as part of pre-employment physicals

    What to expect?

    A blood titer is a blood sample analyzed to reveal the level of antibodies. By using special techniques, specific antibodies towards Hepatitis B viral antigens are counted to determine the level of immunity against the virus. If the levels are below the acceptable normal, a vaccine is often administered after proper consideration of eligibility for vaccination.

    Your Titer Appointment

    Getting a blood titer appointment at NY Best Medical is simple and straightforward. You can book an appointment by messaging us online or by calling our contact numbers. Once your visit is scheduled, we will expect you on your appointment date and evaluate you after examining your blood sample. We will then notify you of the result, and you may need a visit for vaccination if the titer is low.
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