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    Physical examinations

    Physical examinations

    Employment physical examination

    NY Best Medical offers both pre-employment and annual physical exams as well as TB Risk Assessments.

    Each examination is customizable to the needs of the employer and patient alike. NY Best Medical can perform a simple and quick physical exam or a more detailed and thorough examination.

    Pre-Employment and Annual Physical Examination?

    If you require an annual physical and/or medical clearance for your employees, you also require a pre-employment physical for all new hires/applicants.

    A pre-employment physical certifies that the new hire is physically capable of performing the duties that will be related to their job.

    An annual physical examination is an important part of maintaining occupational health and safety. For healthcare workers, the physical exam is crucial because it tells us that the employee able to perform their job duties and are cleared of any diseases or substances.

    Many employers choose to combine an employee’s annual physical with a TB test or a TB Risk Assessment, drug test, and/or a seasonal flu shot.
    Both pre-employment and annual physical exams generally keep track of the following:
    • Blood pressure
    • Height and weight
    • Pulse rate
    • Respiration rate
    • Existing medical illnesses
    • Previous medical history
    • Allergies and general social history
    • Laboratory testing (ex: MMR Titers, TB, Drug Screening)
    • Health Assessments

    Employee Health Physical

    Even if you are not required by city or state regulations to perform a physical examination, offering your employees health check physical is a great way to ensure workplace safety and wellness.

    Employee health physicals help employees be aware of their health which allows them to be hands-on with their health. A healthy employee is an employee who performs their job with no calling out sick.

    Are Physical Exams required?

    NY Best Medical staff is precisely qualified to understand and perform the right physical examination for your employees based on your request.

    Results Tracking & Reporting

    NY Best Medical physical examinations are available in real time on our user friendly portal.
    Benefits of NY Best Medical Portal Are:
    • Schedule employees for services
    • Upload a list of employees that are in need of services and a designated team will schedule the employees.
    • Employees are able to schedule their own appointments via text message from the portal.
    • Get up to the second information of the exam status
    • Get real time notifications that a physical was completed and results are uploaded and available
    • Retrieve and view reports
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