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    Annual Physicals

    Annual Physicals
    A physical examination allows a doctor to assess your health and enable you to discuss your symptoms or health concerns. During an annual medical checkup at NY Best Medical, you will meet with our experienced physicians. They will carry out a comprehensive review of your health status and answer all your questions or concerns you want to discuss.

    What to Expect?

    Once you are age 50, we recommend an annual physical examination at least once a year. This physical exam does not always involve bad news or disease discovery; during a visit, the doctor examines the different systems and may also carry out less invasive instrumental and laboratory tests.
    These medical exams are useful for:
    • Discover diseases for early treatment
    • Recognize concerns that may be medical conditions later
    • Update required immunizations
    • Ensure compliance with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise
    • Develop a cooperation and care plan with your doctor
    You can get a report if needed, and we offer a flexible schedule for your visit. Contact us to schedule your appointment, and our experts are waiting for you. We can also forward a report to your employer when you request that we do so on your behalf.
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