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    We’re passionate about practicing the most up-to-date, high-quality medicine you’ll find anywhere. We think about your health comprehensively and take the time to hear your concerns and treat you as a person — not a diagnosis.

    NY Best Medical is a Health Center that specializes in employment physicals with a primary focus in Home Care and training schools. We perform employment physicals with a turnaround time between 24 hr to 48 hrs max. Wait time is very minimal in our offices with an open door philosophy where no one is ever turned away. We strive to provide the best service(s) possible to home care agencies and their respective caregivers. We have a bilingual staff in many languages and are able to meet all of our patient’s needs. At NY Best Medical, our passion — the reason we do what we do — is to help improve the home care industry. We truly mean that. If each individual person can lead a happier healthier life, then every organization can see a happier and healthier culture. It’s a win-win. Through taking the time to build our technology organically, from the ground up, we’ve delivered something truly unique, innovative and spectacular. With NY Best Medical, employers can build healthy cultures and programs that are specific to them and guide employees along their individual annual occupational health screening and maintain an uninterrupted employment journey.

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    +1 718 972 3693
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    +1 718 972 3693
    09:00am – 05:00pm | Sat – Sun: Closed
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