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    TB Gold

    TB Gold

    What is Quantiferon TB-Gold test?

    Quantiferon TB-Gold test is a straightforward blood test for detecting the presence of mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes Tuberculosis (TB) that affect the lungs primarily.

    It replaces the tuberculin skin test for detecting TB. This test is useful for the detection of TB, and a previous BCG vaccination does not alter the sensitivity or result.

    Our laboratory at NY Best Medical, utilize the Interferon Gamma release assay from Quantiferon to analyze blood samples for TB’s detection. We use the result along with further diagnosis to detect if the infection is recent or latent.
    Advantages of Quantiferon technology
    • Use of whole blood makes it fast and straightforward, and efficient
    • Clinical screening of large sample numbers
    • It aids clinical diagnosis

    Who should have the Quantiferon Gold test?

    The test is suitable for anyone who has:
    • Had contact with someone with TB
    • Been to a country with a high number of TB cases
    • People with a limited immune system, such as HIV infection, chronic disease conditions.
    • Pregnant women
    • People above 50 years of age
    • Groups with the prevalence of TB, such as IV drug users
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