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    Drug Screen

    Drug Screen
    For staff in an organization working in a particular industry, screening for drugs may be required by law or an internal drug-free workspace to boost productivity and lower absenteeism. This policy comes with a code rule 60 incentives to workplaces that establish a drug-free program by the New York State.

    NY Best Medical offers different types of drug screening services, like a pre-employment test, annual drug tests, and return to duty tests. Depending on personal or organizational preferences, we collect samples like hair, blood, or urine for professional screening for drugs.

    If you are a large organization, we can also schedule a day event with our team visiting your location for an express drug testing. We will require a schedule, a clean and private room, and tables & chairs.

    We understand the privacy concerns of individuals, and we work within a statutory legal framework to ensure the preservation of our patients’ safety and privacy. Depending on the nature of the test, you can get instant results or have them mailed to you in a few hours.

    We are always ready to serve you in a way that protects your dignity and comfort, contact our front desk and schedule an appointment today!
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