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    Tuberculosis, a bacterial infection caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis, primarily affects the lung tissues. Many employers require a Tuberculosis test as part of their pre-employment or annual screening tests depending on the nature of your job. Healthcare workers, home caregivers, school workers, and others who work with immunologically weak groups of individuals often require TB testing

    Why is a TB test needed?

    A person may have the infection in the asymptomatic latent form, and it can spread quickly to individuals with a weak immune system like school children, the chronically sick, and the elderly. Also, a person may be unfit for a specific type of job role if there is a considerable amount of damage to the lungs’ vital capacity due to the TB infection.

    PPD Testing

    At NY Best Medical, we use the PPD test, also called the Mantoux test, which involves receiving a shot of purified protein derivative under the forearm skin of the person. The injection area is then reviewed within 72 hours, hence the need for two hospital visits. The hardened area of swelling is then examined and measured; if over 10mm in size, it is a positive result.

    You can contact us to schedule your hospital visit and find more about PPD testing in our clinic.
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