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    MMR Booster

    MMR booster
    Measles, Mumps, and Rubella booster dose of vaccination are usually recommended for individuals who want to stay healthy, plan to travel, or just returned from an endemic area or as part of an annual or pre-employment medical test. Vaccines provide immunity by sensitizing the body’s antibodies against specific microbes.

    Which category of People Need MMR booster as a proof of immunity?

    Fordham University once recorded a Mumps outbreak.
    New York State requires proof of immunity for all students. Others include:
    • Healthcare workers and people working in care homes
    • People working with vulnerable groups like homeless and drug users
    • Education establishment workers
    Sometimes, an antibody titer may be measured to confirm proof of immunity if they are at an acceptable level; however, if they fall below the required level, then a vaccine is administered.

    What to expect?

    During your visit, the doctor will find out about your general health status and ask questions about any possible allergy or underlying conditions. The vaccination process is carefully explained and carried out. The results will be given or sent to you or your school or employee.

    For more details about the MMR boost, please feel free to contact us.
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