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    Flu Shot

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    Influenza vaccination can lower the risk of flu-related hospitalization and increase personal and organizational productivity as individuals are less likely to fall ill.

    The CDC has estimated nearly 36,000 deaths annually as a result of the influenza virus, with another 200,000 hospitalized.
    A flu shot can help you to prevent the symptoms and complications of the flu-like:
    • Missing school or work
    • Muscle ache, headaches, and fever
    • Pneumonia in people with low immunity due to old age or chronic disease
    • Reduce the spread within a family or work-place
    Everyone six months of age and above should get an annual flu shot vaccine. This recommendation is because the viruses constantly mutate to produce seasonal strains through an antigenic shift or antigenic drift. You can schedule an appointment with our experts at NY Best Medical for up-to-date information on useful vaccination guidelines.

    Who should not get vaccinated?

    • People with an allergy to influenza vaccine
    • People who develop allergic reactions to eggs
    • People with a family history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome
    • People who are sick at the time of vaccination
    Our doctors are always available to discuss your vaccination plans, and we will work with you to decide what is best for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment; your health is our priority.
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